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As I began to play golf more regularly I realised that it would be a unique challenge to my inner self. Golf is a game of technique and critical thinking in addition to physical strength. Before joining, I had only heard of the game but my first visit to a golf club for training elicited such joy and intrigue that I immediately knew this is my niche.It is the only game I know where you play in stylish pants and polo shirts, you automatically look affluent even though you may not necessarily be. It is my understanding that wealth is first created in the mind before it is actualised and feeling important can actually drive you to break barriers and boundaries that are first set in the mind. Each time we visit the golf club, armed with my gear, I know its going to be a challenge and that will set the pace for the rest of my week.

Founded on the principles of truth and technique, it is a great sport. While hitting a ball into a hole in the ground may seem easy, the fact that the hole is usually a distance away and also so small that it is only identifiable by a flag makes it a great challenge but often the carpets of green and lustrous grass make for a serene landscape that relaxes the mind. Golf would prove to be a difficult game, but taking advantage of this opportunity the golfer must accept the challenge to play the inner game as well as the outer game. To discover their rhythm since it’s easy to experience it than define it and also to feel their rate of motion.