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At MPESA Foundation Academy, we are privileged to be learning in an environment where science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics are embraced and where we are provided with innovative approaches to rethink the ways we go about our daily lives. Some of the fields include robotics, coding, product prototyping, drone and app technology.

STEAM workshops are collaborative and involve project-based making learning more exciting, engaging and interesting.When I first learned about my confirmation to join Mpesa Foundation Academy, my dream came true and I clearly saw my goals of being a world-leading engineer coming closer. Being part of something big has always been my dream, and this was it!

Components, designed propellers and installed it on the model. It could run now but it completely didn't take off perfectly -this did not stop me anyway.

Learning in an environment full of technology with STEAM education played a major role in shaping my visions. With the availability of enough research and learning resources, I embarked on my long-awaited challenge of building flying objects.
My first project involved learning the Bernoulli's principle, construction of a model drone, how to conduct flight tests with our own design.

Interactive Drone Workshops

When I joined the academy, I was introduced to the STEAM workshop which was facilitated by Ken Ronoh. The interactive, drone workshops contained everything from flight simulation to understanding electronic components for radio control that played an immense part in growing my familiarity with common aerospace tools and keeping my overall passion in the aerospace field.
I particularly liked these activities because it gives us the chance to fuse both our creativity and gained aerospace principles to get an idea of how one day we could contribute to the real aerospace industry. Thank you to Mpesa Foundation Academy, I am now completing my journey to building a flying drone.