In a world where the focus in education is gradually shifting from a high stakes’ examination setting in teacher-centered learning domains to a more concept-driven curriculum that places the student at the center of learning, the MYP couldn’t be more pertinent. It has brought both relevance and autonomy for learners in the 11 – 16 years age bracket.
The MYP is a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides both academic challenge and develops the essential life skills of students. At MFA, the MYP students will follow a 2-year flexible curriculum that incorporates both the learners’ unique individual needs and the Academy’s vision.

  • All students have the opportunity to study all the subjects on offer in the induction phase prior to commencing the MYP in September of each academic year. They will pursue the following courses:
  • Studies in Language and Literature – English and Kiswahili
  • Language Acquisition – Either, Mandarin, or French, or German, or Spanish
  • Sciences – Either as Integrated, or modular in Physics, Biology and Chemistry
  • Mathematics – Extended
  • The Arts – Music, Drama, Visual Arts
  • Design – Either Product or Digital; or a combination of both
  • Physical and Health Education
  • They are also required to excel in the MYP CORE that includes both MYP Service as Action and MYP Personal Project
Note: The MYP sets up a wonderful base for the DP and CP pathways since students have been exposed to the right skillset needed to excel in these; for they understand what it means to be Internationally Minded, a profound knowledge of how to learn, life after school, and what it means to make the world a better place; all of which constitute the IB philosophy.