Tertiary Education Centre

Creating Meaningful Impact Through Equipping Learners With Life Skills That Empower Them To Create A Better Tomorrow.

Tertiary Centre Curriculum Helps MPESA Foundation Alumni Bridge The Pre-University Gap In Innovative Ways.

Through Academic support we nurture abilities.

Through inclusion we shift societal and cultural beliefs.

Through Socialisation we reimagine living together.

Our students’ futures begin here. We help them become future leaders by providing one on one sessions that prepare them for what lies ahead.

With the right guidance, we churn out leaders who think, do and innovate in ways that create positive impact on people and communities at large. 

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The M-PESA Foundation Academy alumni community is driven by the purpose of building a cohort of leaders who are united by roots at the Academy. They are like minded and share the common objective to positively transform their communities by taking leadership roles in initiatives that create positive and transformative impact.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, member-focused Association, inspiring passion amongst the alumni for driving transformational changes.

Our Mission

To advance the MPESA Foundation Academy through meaningful relationships and programs.

Our Objectives

Driving Value And Transformative Impact Everyday.

Leading Through Impactful Leadership

The Association is managed by an executive committee who are elected by the members of the association.

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Tertiary Centre staff play a very important role in ensuring our scholars are learning in a safe and supportive learning environment. They foster positive and trusting relationships with the scholars.

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Our Impact


Tertiary Scholars Admitted To Date


Entrepreneurial Ventures started by the alumni class


Key Partnerships

Leading Universities that our alumni attend


Countries where our Scholars get to Study


Key Partnerships

Where our Scholars are Studying

United States
• Simmons University
• Illinois State University
• University of South Florida
• Louisiana State University
• Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
• United Stated International University-Africa
• Strathmore University
United Kingdom
• Brunel University
• University of Leeds
• University Nottingham
• Trent University
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Our Partners

Contact us at tertiarycentre@mpesafoundationacademy.ac.ke