MPESA Foundation Academy Admission

We look out for:

Thinkers Doers Leaders

Admissions are now closed


Every admission cycle targets learners sitting their National examinations. Successful applicants will join the Academy in January of the subsequent year a four-year residential (boarding) programme to study the International Baccalaureate Curriculum in two phases of two years of the Middle Years Programme followed by two years of the Diploma Programme. Applicants must be at least 13 and not more than 15 years of age at the time they are expected to join the Academy. Refugee students who are duly registered are encouraged to apply.

The Academy is also an inclusive learning environment, and students with SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability) are encouraged to apply.

Admission is evaluated using the following criteria:

• Academic Excellence

• Leadership and entrepreneurship potential

• Financial need

• Responsible citizenship

• Critical thinking

• Problem solving skills

Application Instructions

The form must be filled by prospective students only.

  1. ) The application form must be filled, as clearly and completely as possible. Please note that the more information you make available to us, the better it is for us to evaluate your application. Forms from previous years are not accepted.
  2. ) Documents required for a successful application include:

a) Birth Certificate.

b) Parent/Guardian ID.

c) Parent Death Certificate, where applicable.

d)Academic transcripts/ reports for class 6 and 7 (if reports for class 8 are available, also submit them.)

e) Evidence of leadership and Co-curricular activity certificates.

f) Pay slip of Parent/Guardian if employed.

g) Any other document deemed relevant.

3.) Write your first and last name in capital letters at the top of each page as it appears on your Birth Certificate in case the pages detach.

4.)  Note that admission into the M-PESA Foundation Academy will be based on an independent application process separate from the national senior Secondary application and selections process.

5.) All responses MUST be written in the spaces provided within the form and filled by the student applying for the position using his/her own handwriting and words. NO extra pages are allowed.

6.) Only Complete Applications are considered.

7.) Note that only shortlisted candidates are contacted.

8.) Any omission of the above leads to automatic disqualification.

9.) ALL the information provided in the application form is verified.

10.) A form is provided every year, the application process is opened.