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We Care

Our students well being always comes first. We have in place departments of care, ensuring every student here receives the right care, guidance and resources to enable them to be the best they can be. It’s a duty we’re proud to undertake. Which is why we have in place a structure that seamlessly sees this vision through, everyday.

Child Safeguarding and Protection

This is a sub-department under the department of student life which aims at preventing, protecting, supporting and collaborating with other agencies in protecting learners from harm while they are within the academy and at home. The sub-department is headed by the Head of Student Life supported by three Child Safeguarding and Protection Leads (CSPLs). The school management is committed to ensuring that  the welfare of all learners is keenly attended to; all learners are protected from harm; safeguarding procedures are in place to help students feel safe and learn to stay safe; and adults in the school community are aware of the expected behaviours when working with children. 

All staff have the responsibility of familiarising themselves with child safeguarding and protection guidelines; are alert to signs and indicators of possible abuse; are able to record, report and deal with concerns of abuse from a learner; are involved in the implementation of educational and support plans that address the needs of learners. 

The academy has a Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy in place that  works in line with internal policies and other government legislations such as: The Child Protection Act 2011; Sexual Offences Act Kenya 2006; The Teachers Service Commission Act (No. 20 of 2012) and code of regulations, 2014. In recent years there has been increased collaboration with the Department of Children Services (DCS) and the judiciary across the country. The Leads are in the process of networking with other governmental and Non-governmental organisations in adopting good practices that will help keep children safe from harm.

Guidance and Counselling

School children undergo some of the most difficult periods of life. The transition from childhood to adulthood is a difficult one, even for the most balanced child. 

Some influences in a young person’s life can have major effects. The influences include family, the school and the school environment. A major duty of the School is to assist the young people in their self-growth towards becoming a self-fulfilled and well-adjusted adult through the Guidance and Counselling Department.


The department aims at assisting students to harmonise their abilities, interests and values, thereby enabling them to develop their potential fully. The School Counsellors employ counselling therapy for individuals or groups with specific personal problems. 

The Counsellors focus on helping clients gain insights by going through a healing process. The purpose is to help the counselees achieve therapeutic and life goals, so as to improve their quality of life.

The department is also mandated to organise “life skills training programmes” for the student who, though not suffering from any particular problem, are assisted in building up their personal resources in order to cope effectively with their future lives challenges. 

Majorly the learners are assisted to handle behavioural, social and emotional challenges.


The clinic has 2 permanent staff (1 clinical officer and 1 nurse who reside within the academy). The clinic normally serves the students and staff. The clinic manages ailments from the students and those that cannot be managed at the clinic, the students are referred to hospital within Thika or Nairobi.