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Two of our student leaders, Victory Awuor and John Ouma, had the honour of participating in the USA state department-sponsored on-demand youth leadership program, which took place from January 2 2023 to January 21 2023.

Five American and eleven Kenyan youths participated in the program organised by the Northern Nevada International Cooperation in Nevada.

It was an excellent chance for our student leaders to discover their potential as change agents for society and their leadership abilities as young people. They participated in workshops hosted at the State of Nevada University, community service activities, including volunteering for various organisations in Nevada, and interactions with people who have assumed leadership roles to transform the Reno community in Nevada and the US.

The student leaders also had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, where they saw numerous museums, monuments, and significant American structures. The students have joined the alumina Education USA group and will be considered to participate in any other program they may be interested in.

By the end of February, the students are expected to have designed and implemented a significant project for their community, first within the school and then with the rest of the community. Our student leaders decided to focus on mental health while working on youth engagement and empowerment.

Through their project, the school community will be made aware of mental health issues and the importance of speaking up. The CLAIRE family is invited to join and support the two student leaders in advocating for a psychologically healthy MFA community and the Kenyan community at large.