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Visit By UN Expert on Albinism

On the 8th of September on a Saturday afternoon, we had the privilege to be visited by the United Nations Independent Expert on the Rights of Persons Living With Albinism along with Honourable Doctor Isaac Mwaura and the Albinism Society of Kenya.
We had a brief meeting with them, whereby each student was spent some one on one time with the esteemed guests.

The aim of these meeting was to know the challenges that learners living with albinism face in school and at home. This was done so as to also find a solution for the high rates of attacks of people living with albinism in this continent.
On a personal level, I learnt that I can make it in life even though we face so many challenges including discrimination. I learnt that for them to be in their position life was also not easy for them.

I also learnt to take life positively even though it will try to be as negative as it can.
In this country people living with albinism live in fear of either being attacked or kidnapped.
It was so pleasant when I was told that people living with albinism have melanin as well I am so passionate about fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities, on this note, I was encouraged to be a lawyer. I was told being a lawyer I will achieve my goal of fighting for rights of people leaving with disabilities in Kenya and the Continent at large.

In conclusion, I thank the school at large for organizing search a wonderful visit in the Academy. I would love to meet and interact with more successful people living with Albinism including miss Albinism Kenya.