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Mpesa Foundation Academy Karate Team

Oss all…

Karate is a martial art and a sport in the Academy whose training takes place concurrently with the other sports.

There is a misconception that karate is only about fighting.

Karate has 5 goals known as the Dojo Kun which are as follows:


seek perfection of character

Be faithful


Respect others

Refrain from violent behaviors

The club currently has its members being ranked 6th,7th and 8th kyus .

On the 31st of May 12 karatekas set off to Masinde Muliro university,Kakamega county for a Western region clubs and schools tournament.

Their performance was exemplary and brought back 16 medals:4,6,2 gold silver and bronze respectively.

Special gratitude to our Sensei Peter Ochieng and our Patrons Mr.Christopher Wanzala and Miss Alice Ntabathia for their support.

Being a Karateka is a great pleasure.In a competition case,there are two segments to be competed in :The Kata and Kumite.

Kumite is the real free sparring which usually takes place for 1.5 to 2 minutes.Kata is a combination of techniques in a fight with multiple imaginary opponents.There are 26 Shotokan katas which can be used in a tournament.

Karate tends  to be confused with Teakwoodo although they are very different.

In karate, a range of belt colors exist from white, white stripe yellow, yellow stripe white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, brown stripe black, black stripe brown, 1st-9th degree black belt.

We look forward to achieving the best very soon.

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Article By; Marko Mutugi