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The paradigm shift from 8-4-4 school curriculum to 2-6-3-3-3 competency-based curriculum will no doubt offer unlimited opportunities to learners! When the 8-4-4 education system was proposed, and introduced by the Mackey Commission in 1985, education experts anticipated that the curriculum would equip learners with excellent skills to the labour market or for self-employment. However, it is discouraging to note that the objectives of the 8-4-4 system have been overtaken by the ever-changing societal and rapidly changing labour market. The piloting and implementation of the Competency-Based Education is not only welcoming but offers an excellent chance for the post-millennial scholars to innovate, think and create solutions to the problems that abound in their socio-economic and political surrounding. This should be a wake-up call to teachers, curriculum developers, parents and all educational stakeholders to be cognizant of the fact that change is inevitable and must be embraced.

The young generation deserves to enjoy their learning as well as benefit from it. With the new curriculum, this is achievable.