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The Academy held its Annual Culture Day on October 27th, 2023, where Samuel Kariuki and Murimi Lyndsey got crowned Mr. and Ms. MFA for 2023/24. The whole event was lively and full of colour as the houses – Longonot, Kenya, Kilimanjaro, and Elgon – presented skits, played traditional music, danced, and even had a fashion show to represent global cultures. The theme was “Cultural Diversity; Our Pride.”

It wasn’t just about fun; it was about showing off where we come from, with each performance speaking to our roots and backgrounds. Being different is okay and something to be proud of, and the day was a reminder to understand and respect each other, as our diversity makes us strong. Throughout the 2023/24 academic calendar, Mr and Ms MFA will become the ambassadors of our proud heritage as the MPESA Foundation Academy.