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Thomas Nestah Osiemo 

Bachelor of Education Science (Second year) 

Kenyatta University

1. Summarise your transitional experience from high school to tertiary education, including your expectations and the actual experience. (Taking into account the career aspirations you initially had while in high school and currently)

My transition from high school to university was relatively smooth. The academy was handy in providing all the requirements I needed to join the university. While in high school, I dreamt of becoming a medical doctor, but I am now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education science, majoring in Chemistry and Biology. Before joining the university, I had heard rumours that one did not need to study a lot while on campus and would be free most of the time. So I went to university with these expectations and mentality, but lo and behold! The theories and myths were all false and misleading. What I met was a complete contrast to the peddled rumours. There is too much academic work, and one needs to study hard to avoid failing. Sometimes I smile and feel grateful for not making it to medical school because the workload would have definitely been more.

2. Share the lessons learnt

I have learnt that peer pressure is real and that the circle of friends we surround ourselves with determines whom we become. If you choose the right friends, you become a benefactor of positive peer pressure and growth, whilst if you are in the wrong company, negative peer pressure and trouble will be your portion.

3. Discuss your favourite college activities and how you overcame challenges in their pursuit.

My favourite activity is modelling. My greatest challenge was stage fright. At first, walking before a massive gathering of people seemed impossible, but I did not let it deter me from pursuing my dream. I started by curtain raising in pageants, and with time, I gained confidence and, so far, am doing great.

4. Describe any extracurricular activities, leadership positions, conferences, projects, groups/associations, community service, or other endeavours you have/or engaged in while on the campus that has helped you develop personally, either locally or globally.

I joined the modelling club in February of this year, and so far, it has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot, starting with confidence. Previously stage fright wouldn’t allow me to address a large gathering of people, but that is now a thing of the past. Confidence is a critical soft skill needed when modelling and a muscle that must be continuously trained.

Secondly, I have developed critical thinking skills. Before concluding any pageantry and determining the winners, there is always a question and answer around the event’s theme. To be crowned, one must think critically because answering the questions is not a walk in the park.

I debuted on the runway on the 17th of February 2023 during the Mr and Miss status Kenyatta University. For a first-timer, I was blessed to be the 1st runner-up. My second pageant, Mr & Miss Nyagaya Safaris, was on the 25th of February, and this time, I bagged the crown. My third contest, Mr and Miss School of Education, was on the 4th of March, and once again, I brought the crown home. On Friday, the 10th of February, there was a contest, the Mr and Miss School of Business. However, there were no models from that school, so our coaches made it open for anyone to contest, and I showed up and brought the crown home one more time. On Friday, the 17th of March, I will be contesting for Mr and Miss Kenyatta University Students Association ((KUSA), the second largest pageant before Mr and Miss Kenyatta University, and I am hoping for the best. No words can express how great I feel, and I thank God for His grace and favour. Our club also takes part in community service. On Saturday, the 11th of March, we were in Kenyatta Market doing a clean-up project for the community in that area. We also have a movement called the Dallaz Empire Community (The DEC), whose mission is Restoring Morality through fashion. The club has been an excellent opportunity to learn and network.

Last December, I was fortunate to attend a Presidential Awards training where we were trained on how to be assessors. After the training, the trainees are allocated to different regions where they volunteer to participate in presidential awards expeditions as part of community service. The training was also a good learning experience.

4. Any tips to motivate or inspire the high school students that look up to you?

The is no shortcut to making it in any field. However, the basic rules of success, consistency, discipline, hard work and commitment apply. Above all, let’s seek God’s favour in all we do. 

5. Share any quote, inspiration, meme or motivation that keeps you going each day.

Just do it!