Student Leadership

We’re leaders of tomorrow, starting today. Our student leadership program is focused on developing leaders who can prompt a positive social change through transformative learning by ensuring the Student leaders are ethical and inclusive fostering collaboration and service.

What do you define as great leadership?

Great leadership is characterized by a transformational mindset. Leadership that inspires and motivates people to achieve high expectations. It does not have a comfort zone because it seeks growth. It inspires a passion for whatever is being done, whether it is a sport, an event being organized, or a problem being solved, it is done wholeheartedly.

What impact would you say your role has in bridging the students’ needs with the school’s system?


My role executes the idea of representation within the school and beyond. It acts as the link between the students’ and staff in a diplomatic way, with objectivity in representation of students’ needs and their views on any issue that affects them directly whether it is in class or outside class.

It gives me awareness on what will happen within the school with the mere reason that it affects the students. If it affects the students, it affects me and it places me in a position to understand what students need and sometimes prompts me to lead them towards what is in line with the school’s system.

My role is the center of deposition of the students’ needs, opinions and concerns and it is tasked at making sure that all is well on both the students’ side and the school system’s.

What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve had in your current position ?

In most of my experiences so far, I have learnt that things do not always have to happen my way and I have come to realize that the fulfilment that comes with embracing new ideas is exceptional.

I have learnt that leadership is beautiful. Everything that comes with the package is worth it. It’s like a fun ride on a Ferris wheel, it has its perils.

I have learnt that leadership requires a strong mentality which just like muscles, can be built through experience, the position does not comfort weary souls, it requires boldness and a living spirit that swims through storms while also enjoying cool breezes.

I have learnt how to listen, the art of intuition and observation and that sometimes you win because you don’t play.


What kind of leadership role are you working towards for the future?

For the future, I see a possibility of leading my communities in great projects through the corporate world. A role with a direct impact on people’s lives and most specifically, where all feels like it is lost. I would love to feel the achievement of making the world a better place for I believe that one man can change the world in a small yet significant way.

I’m thinking of leading through a non-governmental organisation, maybe trying out the intergovernmental world or staying local to my Kenyan roots and trying to fix that first, I’m open to anything that the future puts on my plate in terms of leadership by virtue that it changes something or someone to something better than I found it.

What advice would you give the next generation of leaders?


I’d say keep your chin up and step into your calling to lead with an open mind. Listen to everyone and everything and use your values to distinguish what is worth keeping and what is not, it will do you good. Make sure you embrace feedback, stay open to criticism and get ready to fix yourself for your team. Be resilient. Enjoy the process.

What do you define as great leadership?


Great Leadership is the ability to lead through influence and being a role model to the people one is leading. It calls for open communication of a shared vision, confidence in oneself and being able to be part of the team while also recognizing the importance of detached involvement as part of the leadership journey. Great leadership is all about recognizing strength and being passionate in one’s line of duty. my role is to be the representative and voice  of the students thus , iam able to present issues as well as ensuring the student body functions well in alignment with the designed school’s systems in terms of the policies and principles that guides our school.


The greatest lesson I have had in my position so far is that leadership requires flexibility and that as a leader you must be ready to compromise at some point for things to work though compromising does not apply in all circumstances.

I am working towards servant leadership where we lead through example, exhibiting a can -do attitude and being willing to take ownership of results as well as recognizing strengths and bringing out the best in the people that i work with.


Leadership is a great and interesting journey that helps you discover your inner self and unlock your hidden capabilities. Do not be afraid to take up leadership roles because it is a unique opportunity to grow as a person and have impact on other people and get equipped with important life skills.