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Welcome Note From the Executive Head of School

By January 19, 2021No Comments

Students, colleagues and the broader Mpesa Foundation Academy family, Karibu! A very warm welcome to a new year here at the Academy. It is, in fact, all of you who have made my family and I feel so very welcome here at your (now our) beautiful school. My first impressions are that the incredible grounds and facilities here are fittingly complimented by an incredible group of people in terms of the students, all the staff and those who govern and support the school in a multitude of selfless ways. I thank all of you who have made me feel so much a part of this family already.
I shared with the Form 1 and 2’s last week how exciting I feel the start of a new year is, as it is in many ways a clean slate, an opportunity to reinvent oneself – a chance to “show up” differently in the new year. I challenged them to spend some reflective time now, at the start of the year, thinking about what their words and actions say about who they are, a window to their values and character, if you will. How do you want to “show up” in 2021?
I have started reading the admissions reports of 2019, for the Form 1 students that are now part of this great school. As I read I am reminded of, and humbled by, the huge privilege we all have here at MFA, whether as students, staff, mentors or benefactors. To be a part of such a richly rewarding and transformative process is surely a great privilege. And with great privilege comes great responsibility. As students I believe this sense of responsibility should manifest in how you “show up” every day, be it in your residence, at the dining table, in your classes or on the stage or sports field. Equally as a staff member called to be a part of something so much greater than ourselves, we also need to constantly reflect upon how we are showing up and remind ourselves that we have a very special privilege and responsibility here.
For all the students, I realise starting the year in quarantine is less than ideal, but the end of this period of isolation is now very much in sight! Well done to all of you for navigating it so successfully and with a constructive mindset.
I am so very grateful for the opportunity to lead this school and I look forward to meeting all the students in person as well as those of the staff and broader community which I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.
I do hope you share my excitement of starting a new year with a sense of great anticipation, excitement and energy. I look forward to taking this journey with you. I wish you the very best of luck for a successful and significant year ahead.

Alan Adlington-Corfield
Executive Head of School

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