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Celebrating our Wins; WeCycle for a Sustainable Environment- Quality Education

By August 8, 2020August 11th, 2020No Comments

Kenya and by extension the world faces spiralling plastic waste crisis. With seas of crumbled plastic waste spills across roads, littering playing fields and clogging ing rivers everywhere. On the other hand, kids across many counties in Kenya lack basic learning equipments like proper classrooms, desks, learning aids among others. As Tujenge Team, we are focused on solving the problem of plastic to address a key challenge in education.

By building a mobile plastic crashing and collection machine, we will ease the challenge of plastic collection. Secondly, this  upgraded  waste collection system will provide many “waste pickers” with fair and stable pay. The collected plastic waste will be recycled into truly circular prefabricated affordable classrooms for marginalised communities, study desks, chairs and assortment of learning aids. While recycling over 10,000 tonnes of plastic monthly at premium, we shall create direct employment for over 500 people, will leave a clean environment and accessible quality education for over  50,000 children in 5 years time. This is a huge contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals with our main focus on Climate Change; Sustainable cities and Communities and Quality Education.

Inspired to actualise our idea, we made entry into the French-Africa Summit 2020 Competition where we were among the winners for the 1000 Entrepreneurs Challenge. As laureates of 1000 Entrepreneurs Challenge, apart from being invited to the 2020 French-Africa Summit in June 2020, we will benefit from a dedicated support program allowing us to have access to funding, training, networking and visibility for our projects. This program will be supported by a network of French and African partners, notably through mentoring, networking, grants, public and private funding.

We are excited to be provided solutions to challenges in our communities. We are just started, we need a lot of support. For any support you would like to offer, kindly contact Umulkheir Almed at or John Shivisi at

Team: Umulkheir Ahmed, Victor Leina, Mark Ongina, Christopher Mwaniki, Ashley Chepkorir, Brenda Mwelu and Eusilar Kitur


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