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Uongozi Connection,November Edition Editor’s Note

By November 10, 2020No Comments

Despite the ongoing operational difficulties that we are all experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a delight to witness our scholars being engaged with online learning. Since my arrival here at the Uongozi Centre in August, I have been able to attend some of their workshops and I was impressed with how serious they are taking their studies. Among the high quality online courses they had been offered were Ideas for a better World, a wide range of Harvard courses, Prepare for Success and Opportuno. Our scholars successfully completed these programs and are now preparing to join their universities and colleges in the USA, the UK and Kenya.
As we will soon be sending them off, I would like to remind them of our CLAIRE values: Be curious and explore your new environment; take up leadership roles; always be able to account for your actions; continue being responsible citizens; strive for excellence in your studies and come up with new, innovative ideas. The latter often times requires a high degree of intellectual bravery. This is the willingness to disagree, dissent or challenge the status quo in a setting. Go for it, challenge yourself and challenge others, and make the best out of the opportunities you have been provided with!
In this context, I would like to thank everyone who has helped our scholars with university applications and course choices. It is also a great pleasure to welcome Ms Nicole Duhig, our new Head of University Admissions. Ms Duhig will soon start working closely with our Form 4 students, who have finally returned to school. As we say karibu sana to Ms Duhig, we unfortunately also have to say kwaheri to another member of the Uongozi team. Mr. John Shivisi has been serving the MFA and Uongozi Centre students and scholars for 4 years. His expertise, especially in the area of entrepreneurship has been much appreciated. As he has taken up an opportunity elsewhere, we wish him all the best for his new ventures.
Please do enjoy reading the articles in this latest edition of the Uongozi Newsletter and stay safe and healthy.


Christian Gülzow,

Director Uongozi Centre, MPESA Foundation Academy

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