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The swearing-in of the New Scholars at UONGOZI Centre took place on Friday 24th January. The event was overseen by the CEO Les Baillie and the Director of teaching and learning Dr. Stephen Walker.

The Uongozi Centre Electoral Commission (UCEC) was responsible for conducting and supervising a smooth voting process.

The Members are;

1. Kelvin Njoroge Macharia (Chairperson)

2. Bezzy Makena

3. Breda Mwelu

4. Ivy Waikwa

5. Andrew Munywa

6. Sylvester Omondi

7. Beatrice Oele

13 student representatives were appointed at various capacities.

Ladies’ Hall of residence

  1. Ground floor hall representative ~ Khadija Omar
  2. First-floor hall representative~ Jilna Akinyi
  3. Second-floor hall representative~ Patience Karani
  4. Hall Ambasador~ Stacy Achieng

The Gentlemen’s Hall of residence

  1. Ground floor hall representative ~ Gullaum Husein
  2. First-floor hall representative~ George Guyo
  3. Second-floor hall representative~ Isaya Mapengo
  4. Hall Ambasador~ Fred Omenya

Nominees to the Scholars’ Council

  1. Fidelis Munywoki
  2. Onjoro Linda
  3. Claire M’balasi Shikami

Nominees to the Council to oversee the kitchen and dietary issues 

  1. Caleb Kipkurui
  2. Prudence Atieno