Who We Are

The Uongozi Centre is a unique programme at the M-PESA Foundation Academy that aims to enhance the leadership potential, develop skills in independent thinking as well as assist our learners to incubate business ideas and community projects. The Centre also seeks to support the transition of secondary school scholars into university and other tertiary institutions.

The diversity represented by the Uongozi Centre scholars, faculty and staff contributes to the Centre’s strong sense of open dialogue and engagement with ideas and issues. As such, we are a community that prioritises the intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being of all our members.

The MPESA Foundation is the main funder of MPESA Foundation Academy and the Uongozi Centre, providing its capital expenditure, operational expenses and funding for the tertiary education of the scholars from the academy. The MPESA Foundation is fully funded by MPESA Holding Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Group PLC.

Our Promise; Funding Scholars’ Higher Education

M-PESA Foundation has committed to fund all expenses related to our scholars’ higher education: tuition, accommodation, travel and living.
Graduates from M-PESA Foundation Academy can apply to any reputable university anywhere in the world,  and if they secure admission, their education will be wholly funded at the university.
Consequently, M-PESA Foundation has created an endowment fund for the sole purpose of supporting this commitment.

Our Vision is to develop transformational leaders through innovative approaches to education.


  • To be a leadership development institution providing high quality education and training to nurture the next generation of leaders.
  • To be a leading centre for creativity in education and leadership, building on the great work being done at M-Pesa Foundation Academy around leadership and Entrepreneurship.
  • To support young people’s aspirations by providing high quality support towards higher education and entrepreneurship support, and to work with other schools and institutions to improve the overall quality of Education.

Where are our 94 Scholars Studying in 2020/2021 Academic Year?

Our Impact

Uongozi Scholars Admitted To Date
Entrepreneurial Ventures started by the alumni class

Leading Universities that our alumni attend


Countries where our Scholars get to Study


Key Partnerships

Student Charter 

Our charter is developed around five core values of: 


Encourage equality and promote diversity, be respectful, understanding and helpful in all interactions.


Seek excellence in learning, entrepreneurship and leadership, critically engage with our history and celebrate our achievement


Provide and make use of timely and good quality feedback, take advantage of opportunities for personal development.


Develop and use effective methods of communication, make the processes that lead to decisions transparent


Use your skills, expertise, views for positive growth in your community, develop an understanding of cultures, traditions and show respect for them.

Our Team

Meet the innovative, driven and creative individuals at the UONGOZI CENTRE

Christian Gülzow


I started my career as an educator in 1994 just a few kilometers down the road from the MPESA Foundation Academy. 26 years later and with a bag full of experience in national and international education I have returned to Kenya and I am excited about the opportunity of leading the Uongozi Centre as its director. My fundamental values are happiness, equality, aspiration, respect and trust. Their first letters form the acronym HEART. And this is exactly the way in which I would like to engage with our Uongozi students: In a friendly, gentle, sympathetic and caring way, yet helping them push their boundaries and find their paths into tertiary education, entrepreneurship and eventually becoming young African leaders.

Imali Makotsi

Partnership & Communication Manager

I am privileged to have the opportunity to bring on board like-minded organisations that are looking to collaborate and create opportunities that will enable our scholars realise their dreams and aspirations. It is a joy to be able to see the impact of the work put in by the team while progressively learning how to transform the lives of the young scholars at the Academy.

Nicole Duhig

Head of Admissions

Nicole is the Head of Admissions at Uongozi Centre, she has an MSc in Career Guidance and Development and a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Guidance. She is also an IBO Consultant, Lead Educator, and Work Shop Leader for the IB Career-Related Programme (worldwide).
Nicole is passionate about helping and motivating young people to achieve the best educational outcomes they are capable of in order to progress onto their chosen university, into employment or training. During her free time, Nicole enjoys sports like running, cycling, horse riding, skiing, travelling to as many different countries as possible and finding great vegetarian/vegan foods.

Tijani Bello

Academic Programme Manager

I am excited about the Uongozi Centre project because it provides a unique education opportunity with focus on creativity, passion and emotional intelligence; young people who would leave the Uongozi Centre confident, knowing they can lead positive change, not only for themselves but also for their communities and continent.

Brenda Makheti

Administration Assistant

It's such a privilege for me working at Uongozi Centre. Being part of the growth of the students is fulfilling. I have learnt a lot and still learning more each day through my interactions with the students and colleagues at the Centre. I have grown in my career, had perfect mentorship, and a sense of belonging. From a Human Resource perspective, this is the perfect, most balanced working environment. Above all, it's exciting to see lives transformed and Uongozi Centre gives me a chance to be part of transforming lives.

Brenda Namboka Makheti
Administration Assistant - Uongozi Centre

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