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Thanks for the memories by Ashley Chepkorir

By November 4, 2020December 24th, 2020No Comments

I am privileged and honored to walk the crucial part of my life journey at the MPESA Foundation Academy. My life changed for the better on 23rd February, 2016. Since that day, I have been on a journey of discovery, knowledge, adventure, values and enhancing my leadership skills.

The Academy gave me the opportunity to discover who I am and who I want to be. I am a Kenyan youth who wants to be part of the change that transforms this amazing country. I enjoyed my time at the Academy and I got to meet prominent people and have exposure to what globalization looks like.

Teachers and staff members showed me the way by guiding me in the right direction. I also had and still have amazing friends who have become a part of my life. The Academy also gave me the opportunity to be a mentor and this was among my best experiences as I was able to guide many girls and offer some inspiration. I recently started university and the life skills and values instilled in us is helping me through this transition.

Our CEO, Les Baillie has also impacted my journey. He has been the father to all the students since the Academy began. There are many instances that he showed his compassion and care for our wellbeing. My two most prominent experiences that touched my heart was when my year group had gone for a trip to the National Park in 2016, and one of the buses broke down on our way back and we reached the school at 1am and he was seated in the Dining Hall waiting for us to arrive and all the sports days that we had, he made sure that he participated and attended all events. There is no amount of gifts or words that can express my gratitude because what you have done for us is immeasurable! We treasure you.

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