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Farewell Les Baillie

Thank you for the precious time with us, we will forever cherish you By Jabu Issa

By December 24, 2020No Comments

Looking back, after I just got my acceptance letter to join the MPESA Foundation Academy I was engulfed with fear,  worry and restlessness at the same time. I did not know what was in store for me at the Academy. From my past experiences, I dreaded school heads, I did not know how you would be. I however managed to convince myself that you would be strict but unapproachable. I was not settled until  I finally reported to school and had my first interaction with you. I changed my perception about you immediately. Your warm smile made me feel at ease. You have been the most approachable person I know of to date. You are the epitome of kindness, brilliance, understanding and true leadership .

I have since found a sense of belonging and tranquility, school feels like home thanks to you! I was impressed with the way you spoke with certainty and assurance. I could tell your determination to be always there for us, protect us and guide us  through the  most difficult and the happiest moments as well.

Despite your status and your great professional achievements, you remained humble. This is evident in how you would intentionally have lunch with us every single day and engage us in meaningful conversations. You listened and counseled those of us who came to you.

Some of my fondest memories with you include this year’s anniversary celebrations You were so attentive during the talent show and your enthusiasm was so evident in how you would clap and smile after each performance. I totally get it, you celebrated a huge milestone, four years of greatness! You insisted that the beautiful buildings would be nothing without us, the students. These words melted my heart away leaving with tears.

The one memory that will forever be etched on my mind is when you wore a Kanzu (Islamic attire for male Muslims). You had come to celebrate Eid ul Fitr with us, Muslim students. Being a special guest, we set aside a chair for you and your wife but you refused to use the chair and insisted to eat while sitting on the floor just like us. We were deeply touched, words could not express how we felt. I respect and salute you dearly.

During one of the girls’ handball tournament, you stayed and watched the game till the end even though we lagged behind. But, we were not going to let you down. We had to level up and get the game right. Eventually , we won the game, our opponents could not believe it.

On school assemblies , every Monday, you could motivated and urged us to soldier on to success. You congratulated us dearly for bringing trophies home. This was usually the highlight of my week. On the flip side, we deeply apologize for some moments we let you down. We’ve learned that no man is perfect, you always tried to be the best version. It is all about progress and not perfection.

The news of your departure from the Academy saddened us .We thought you were sad as well. Anyway, nothing is permanent except change. We believe you are destined for more greatness. We will take all the lessons you have taught us to the letter. We promise to support and cooperate with the incoming head of school  just like we did with you.

Thank you for the precious time with us, we will forever cherish you.



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