You could provide monetary support as an individual or as a corporate. There are various ways of doing this.

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  • Sponsor a child: Pledge a bursary/Bursaries and pay fees for a student or a number of students for their four-year stay.
  • Sponsor a Facility including naming and branding rights for buildings: This includes facilities such as the classrooms, dormitories, science laboratories, computer laboratory, dining room, art garden, resource center, sports facilities, and many others. This includes the maintenance costs and costs of resource materials or equipment for the campus buildings.
  • Sponsor an Academic Course: Support the costs for delivering specific courses or subjects and related field trips.
  • Sponsor a Co-Curricular Club: This includes the costs of resource persons and materials required for delivering specific co-curricular clubs. It also includes field trips, guest lecture and mentorship opportunities. Naming and branding rights will be provided
  • Sponsor a Sporting Activity: Sports is a key part of the Academy. The indoor and outdoor sporting areas will provide a wide range of sports, including football, rugby, cricket, athletics, netball, squash, swimming, basketball. Sponsorship costs cover the maintenance of the facilities, hosting of quarterly inter-school events , sports trips.
  • Sponsor a School Trip: The Academy encourages curiosity, ongoing learning outside of the classroom. The learners will have one school trip per quarter to build their exposure and to interact with other learners and the business community. Support for international travel and trips such as the cost of travel, visas and other associated costs.
  • Sponsor a special program: This includes the E&L program, Arts programs such as music, drama, special examinations, and the Community Service program: Responsible Citizenship is one of the values of the Academy. The learners will participate in two community service activities per quarter. Partners can engage the learners in these activities or support costs related to the community service
  • Sponsor the Farm: The Academy farm will embrace modern agriculture technology and will produce high-quality organic produce for consumption at the Academy and for sale. The Farm will also serve as the ground for the Agriculture Club and agriculture lessons for the students. Sponsorship will cover the costs of inputs and farming technologies and provides for advisory inputs and naming/branding rights
  • Sponsor Uniform, Health & Hygiene Items: The Academy provides all of the uniform and clothing requirements for the learners and staff. Sponsorship covers the cost of design and production of the uniforms
    The Academy provides all of the health and hygiene items for the learners. Sponsorship covers the costs of providing these necessary items such as soap, toothpaste, sanitary pads, lotion, and other grooming materials.
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