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Farewell Les BaillieUongozi Centre

So Long Les, Until we meet again….. By Kelvin Macharia

By November 4, 2020December 24th, 2020No Comments

When I learnt that you were leaving the Academy, I looked back at the journey we’ve walked together since the 23rd February, 2016. Many of us could not express ourselves confidently as we do today. Over time, our self-esteem grew because you gave us the opportunity to freely express our ideas during barazas, when having lunch with you at your office and in confidence, without fear of being judged. I believe this was a deliberate effort to prepare us to lead the world.

You were so dedicated to help all the students, their interests notwithstanding, to become the best they possibly could. This is something I will always remember you for and I believe all scholars too. I will work hard to make sure that I become a leader in my field of interest. I wish you a long and happy life so that you may witness this.

Enjoy this new chapter of your life outside MFA. We hope that you’ll remain in touch with us. Thank you so much for your unwavering support Bwana Les Baillie.

Best wishes from K.N. Macharia

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