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Farewell Les Baillie

Reminiscing the good times with our CEO, Mr. Les Baillie by Evans Runya

By December 24, 2020No Comments

I reported to form 1as an impressionable young boy. My first interaction you, the CEO was very brief.  I was timid to even hold a conversation with you because honestly your eloquence intimidated me. Well, I vowed to gather confidence to be able to hold meaningful conversations with you.

As days went by, I grabbed opportunities to have lunch with you, something I made a routine actually my highlight of every week. I learnt of your humility during the lunchtime conversations. You treated each and every one of us equally despite our diverse backgrounds.

My fondest memory with you, is when we had lunch with you in the boardroom I asked you many questions including the secret behind your success. In your response, I learnt that you are a great leader, an admirable mentor, a good parent and all in all, the man behind our future and success

I pray for prosperity in your future endeavours.




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