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Reminiscing the Good Times By Breda Mwelu

By November 4, 2020December 24th, 2020No Comments

My four and a half years at the Academy have flown by so fast and I am still reminiscing about the great moments and the lessons I learnt. A huge part of me will always call the Academy ‘home’. I have made great friends and met influential people who have had an impact on me.

As I embark on the next chapter in life, I am thankful to the MPESA Family and specifically to Mr. Baillie for seeing potential in me and giving me a chance to express myself through all the projects you have conducted at the Academy.

Fond memories from our first year to our last year with you will always be a part of me. Being in the pioneer class gave me a chance to understand the privilege bestowed upon us by the community and the nation at large and as I move along I will carry with me all the values the Academy has instilled in me from CLAIRE beliefs, to understanding that as a young person in the society I have the mandate to become a better leader and provide a better pathway for the rest to follow.


I am grateful for having interacted with you in person and having shared conversations with you that have left an imprint in my heart. From your way of leading to being a father figure, mentor and a great leader in general. Your aura and charisma and never-ending openness with students and your friendly greetings on the hallways and pavements and at the same time your steady hand in making sure the school runs smoothly and effectively are great components and I surely shall miss all that. I have a lot I can write to express my sincere and immense gratitude to you but at the same time not enough to meet my feelings. A great memory I shall always cherish was you always showing me newspaper articles whenever I appeared in one and encouraging me to keep up the good work. This might look like a small act but it’s engraved in me and it gave me courage to be authentically myself and pursue everything fearlessly.

Echoing the words of a famous singer that goodbyes are always hard but they always make a chance for new beginnings which in turn provide lessons for the future. All chapters and books have an end but they can always be turned into sequels and that is how I am going to view all this. The first chapter may be over but there are still many more to come with the Academy.

Understanding my role in the society and everything placed on my shoulders by the Academy and I vow and promise to make sure I become a transformational person in the society and put forward my best foot forward.

By Breda Mwelu


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