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CoronaVirus has impacted the lives of many people in Kenya. This is because when the virus struck in March, it caught most people unaware and in a total mayhem. The repercussions haven’t been pleasant but there is a bright side.

In order to contain the virus, the government of Kenya imposed heavy measures, among which was staying at home. This had both a negative and a positive side of it. 

The self-quarantine period opened my mind and encouraged me to try something new instead of staying idle.

Since childhood, I have been interested in news anchoring and radio broadcasting. While listening to radio presenters and news anchors during quarantine, I decided to mimic what they were doing.

 After a couple of trials, I realized that I had a lot of potential as a news anchor and radio host. I recorded multiple radio shows and shared them with my peers. Additionally, a famous radio presenter offered support. It came to my mind that I have an aptitude for news anchoring and radio presentation; this one kept me busy during my leisure time because I had something interesting to do.

Furthermore, I finally figured out how to cook, or at least how to cook good food. Cooking has always been a hassle for me since time immemorial. However, during this covid 19 period, I changed my attitude towards cooking. I decided to try making a simple meal such as rice and fried potatoes. At first, it was unappealing, but with repetition and practice I gained confidence and was able to prepare a meal for my family.

In a nutshell, even though the pandemic impacted the lives of many people including loss of jobs, pay cuts etc it also brought a blessing in disguise.It opened up our minds and taught us that planning is vital in any situation. It helped me and others in discovering talents and skills. Through resilience, the situation will be over since it isn’t a question of complaining but how serious we are when we deal with it.


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