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My University Application Experience

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I begun my search for a suitable university started in August 2019, I initially came up with a list of about 11 colleges in the United States and Canada and I eventually narrowed them down to 8 colleges which I then applied to. This gave me the focus I needed to study because I had a goal in my mind. Out of the eight universities I applied to, I was accepted into five of them. When I finished my application last year, I thought the hardest part was applying and doing the exams but honestly the hardest part for me was choosing a college that I would go to! I had a very difficult time deciding between my top two options. I asked for advice from a number of people and I realised that the two colleges were great but I still had to make a choice. It all came down to how I would fit in the community of the university as well as how well I’ll probably do when I’m there. I ended up settling for Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

I am very pleased with my choice, I have applied to study Political Science and Global Studies in my first year then continue with pre-law. I am also glad that I am going to continue to university with a former classmate, Andrew Munywa. The process has been exciting despite the COVID 19 health pandemic disrupting most of the plans that had been put in place. Online communication has really helped during this period and we have had a number zoom calls with the admission officers. This is among the reasons why I settled for Concordia. They really care about their students, they have a personalised touch to everything they do. For me it’s always been the little things that someone does that really count.

We have two WhatsApp groups for the college; one with the official admission representatives and another with international students. I have already made friends with about 30 people from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. Some of them come from Argentina, Canada, Tanzania, Nigeria, China, Afghanistan, Thailand and many more countries which makes me look forward to meeting them on campus.

I have already met my roommate albeit online, she’s from Zimbabwe. We chat and have calls on WhatsApp regularly, and it is good getting to know her. I was really excited when my I-20 physically arrived in the country as I was anxious and can’t wait to realise my dreams of attending university. Some of the other concerns about studying abroad that I have had are; issues on racism, experiencing winter, adopting to the food-as I am picky on food and adopting to a new environment as I will be away from the comfort of my family. There’s something hilarious that our admission officers told us in a zoom call, “There’s nothing like bad weather but poor dressing for the weather”.This is how I know I’ll get used to everything and I’m now looking forward to experiencing the four seasons! 

I’m very grateful for the support that I’ve received. The Academy has been vital in the whole process including the Uongozi Centre team. Special thanks to the AHEC team too. My family is very happy with my choice and they wish nothing but the best for me in my journey.


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