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My Learning Experience By Meshack Odipo

By November 4, 2020November 10th, 2020No Comments

My online learning has been a great experience in many aspects. Bournemourth University is one of the great universities in England that offers International Hospitality Management with a good location near the beach.

The international interaction though online so far has been wonderful. The head of Students Service just announced that they needed students’ representatives. The instructions were that those who are interested should record a one minute video clip expressing why they should be elected. I didn’t hesitate to grab such an amazing opportunity and try my luck running against other students from Turkey, China, Venezuela and Hong Kong.

After submitting the video we waited for two weeks as students watched and voted for the leaders of their choice .The posts were Foundation, International Year One, Pre- Master, Social Media and Under 18 representative. My interest was in International Year One representative in which I won.

I must say life is all about showing up in every situation because an opportunity only presents itself once. I thank all year one students for assigning me the responsibility to be a bridge between them and the staff. International Year One combines all the courses at the Campus.

This is just the beginning and I hope more opportunities will come.

In conclusion, my gratitude goes to the MPESA Foundation Tertiary Education Scholarship for the great support and above all to the Father above.

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