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My Journey at MPESA Foundation Academy as an Educator by Junita Maryboy

By June 10, 2020One Comment

My professional journey began long before I ever wanted to be a teacher. I began working with children as a teenager and learned how to interact with and teach children. I had a small understanding of the skills necessary to become a teacher such as caring for the well-being of students through various volunteer experiences. I studied Education and Counselling Psychology in my Bachelor’s degree with the intention of becoming an Educator and Counselor.

Joining MFA, I believe was and continues to be a light bulb moment for my professional learning journey because the moment that I stepped into the academy, my “aha” moments begun. I realized that everything that I valued and cared about could be fulfilled through my career and commitment to CLAIRE values of the academy. My journey has involved and constantly continues to inform new learning and discoveries.

An important part of my classroom is hands-on, minds-on learning that involves supporting students in developing their own interests and pursuing their passions.

Technology in the classroom is an important part of 21st century learning as students learn new skills to prepare them for a rapidly changing world. It is important for children to learn to be critical Thinkers, global citizens, and cooperative learners. I continuously pursue an inquiry project- based methodology around technology to help pursue a topic based around technology and the well-being of my students.

In my journey at the academy, I have come to believe that all students are capable of learning and growing. All students have strengths and challenges and in this experiential journey, it has and continues to be my job as an educator to work with my students to create a learning environment that will help them to succeed. During my stay at the academy, I have discovered that student learning should be hands-on, engaging, and relatable, that learning should be engaging and relevant for students. I have come to believe that it is important for students to find meaning in their learning and by finding meaning be responsible and invested in their learning. I have come to believe that students deserve to be respected and valued as individuals, children, learners, and teachers. I have come to believe in fostering good relationships with students, parents, and other educators are the key to a positive learning and teaching environment. Last but not least, I have come to believe that students should be free to explore their passions and interests with guidance and support from their teachers. These beliefs are the driving force behind all through my journey as an educator and which will continuously inform the setting up my classroom climate.


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