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My Experience at George School by Walter Wagude

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One of the main reasons that compelled me to apply to George School was the diverse community that it has. The diversity of the institution has impacted me the most, having schoolmates from different parts of the world has been amazing. I have experienced different cultures and perspectives that have made me grow and develop as a person. It has instilled in me the urge to know more about a different cultures from my own and to embrace a new mindset.

When it came to academics, the IB diploma program was there to challenge me intellectually, socially and emotionally. Though rigorous, the IB diploma program has helped me sharpen my critical thinking skills and has equipped me with the necessary tools to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

I am now an alumnus of two high schools and I find honor in that, it is really exciting because I have a lot of values that come with will be very useful in future, such as accepting change, celebrating other cultures and embracing unity in diversity. The learning process for me at George School has been transformative, and I have become more reflective and passionate on the material that I learn as well as getting me out of my comfort zone.

Research in education is an aspect that I hadn’t really experienced before joining George School but now I feel more equipped when it comes to research. I have also had the opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills as I was appointed captain of varsity cross country and varsity track and field teams alongside being a dorm prefect. These leadership posts presented many opportunities to learn more about myself, my goals, and my strengths. Being a student leader not only helped me learn how to work with a team, but also helped me develop a better communication attitude and work ethic.

The skills I have built helped me through my college application process. While looking at different institutions, I wanted a place that could give me the feeling of being closer to home and a wide variety of study areas. With the help of my college counselor, I was able to spot some schools that matched my interests. Tufts University, appealed to me the most. From its diverse community to its readiness to embrace interdisciplinary learning. I decided to apply Early Decision to Tufts University, which meant that my application there was binding and that I was going to receive their decision earlier. Fortunately, I gained admission to this institution marking a significant stage in my growth and development. During my graduation at George School, I realised the friends I had made had not only been my schoolmates but had become my family. Even though held virtually, the ceremony was very emotional and exciting at the same time. Being a part of the first cohort of M-PESA Scholars to be educated internationally, I believe this evolving partnership between M-PESA Foundation Academy and schools around the world will have a big impact on the education that the students are exposed to, it will expand their horizon of what they know and transform them to future leaders of the world. I would just like to advise those that will follow in my footsteps to be open-minded and continue having the thirst to learn and discover new things. The friendly community, endless opportunities, and the life-long friends that the George school community gave me is a gift that I will always treasure. I am touched beyond words by everything that the partnership between George school and M-PESA Foundation Academy offered me and I definitely feel the growth and development that has taken place in me.

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