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The construction journey of the MPESA Foundation Academy facilities into what they are today has been interesting with very many adjustments along the way. It would be hard to imagine the academy today from what it was back in 2016 when the first cohort came. But with Gods help and the combined effort of the CEO, contractors, consultants and staff we have been able to come this far.

The current form two building was the official academic /administration / CEO’s office/library for one year. When the time came for students to report, very little had been completed and therefore the project was structured into phases. Phase one included two student residence blocks, staff houses, form two building (Watendaji), and the kitchen/dining. The first cohort of students was received after phase one.

Phase 1B had the sports hall, hardcourts for basketball and volleyball, paving of the driveway from the gate, the administration building, the resource centre, the double storey academic block (Wasomi), form one academic building ( Kuwaza), the principals house (now Head of Academic house), water tower, part two of the kitchen and dining and the receiving store.

Phase 2 was completed in three parts phase 2A, B and C.

For the first one month, the students and some staff were hosted at Brakenhurst retreat, while the rest worked from Care Pay offices in Lavington.

There was a lot of pressure to get the buildings ready and shorten the stay at Brackenhurst. We had to move out of our comfort zones and work against time to deliver. Finishing the work in record time required working day and night shifts. Many times staff would be called upon to go beyond their line of profession to get things done. This was challenging as everyone was still new and had not worked together before.

Eventually on February 2016 the team at Brackenhurst arrived at the academy while construction was still going on. The occupied section was hoarded and students assisted in painting the hoarding.

This journey would not be complete without a walk through photos of different phases of the Academy’s growth.

And finally our first cohort arrived from Brackenhurst on 23 February. It is hard to describe the feelings as this group of 96 boys and girls arrived at the school. Their excited reactions to facilities that were not yet complete yet they were so overjoyed to come were so humbling. The faces of their parents and their words, I am leaving my daughter in your hands, please take care of her.


This phase was undertaken by three different contractors in order to make up for lost time. The phase included completion of ; sports hall, swimming pool, site works, administration building, principles house, farm buildings .




The final phase of the main campus was phase 2C and this comprised of more staff houses, the creche, Uongozi Centre, the CEO’s residence and Directors residence


This master piece took five different contractors with different specialties to complete. We had a myriad of challenges transitioning from the main contractor for builders works, to the interiors specialists. Many times out teeth were set on edge by the interactions of the different contractors. Mrs. Baillie with her expertise in interior design, guided the team to come up with an interior décor like one straight out of the latest interiors magazine.



The farm has seen a gradual growth from a  wasteland filled with heaps of construction debris to a unit with state of the art farm structures.

Since then we have had the muddy bog turned into landscapes and fields, the water logged foundations drained and turned into state of the art facilities, the dining hall and kitchen fitted out to five star hotel standards, the main entrance road paved with cabro stones and street lights and CCTV cameras in place. The CEO and Directors houses with panoramic views of the dam. Furnished staff houses with access to water and electricity. For the very first 2 staff on campus, the journey into the staff houses started before they were completed.


Each building completion has been a statement with enough anecdotes to fill a journal. The dining hall, the sports hall, resource centre, auditorium, swimming pool and gym.


When all is said and done it is the students that make the academy a school. Thus the satisfaction in putting up these facilities is epitomized through, Macharia mastering the stage in the auditorium, Karen dashing for a fast break on the basketball court, Syovinya setting the pace on the tennis court,     racing down the hockey field, Rahmate cooking those sumptuous pan cakes in the home science room, Kadogo setting the pace in the KSCE exams,  Ekiru wielding the golf club with such poise ….. If we were to list all that the students and staff have achieved using the facilities availed to them, it would turn into a book.

In brief, the students have made the investment in this state of art facilities worthwhile by utilizing every single one of them without disappointing, and brought home many trophies to prove it!

I salute the CEO and the trustees for the brilliant vision they had, the staff for facilitating the students to excellence and the students for being Thinkers , Doers, and Leaders. Finally thank you to all stakeholders who support the school in various ways.


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