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Mitigating COVID-19 Pandemic

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TEAM: Beatrice Wesonga, Zacharia Mogambi. 

WRITER: Beatrice Wesonga

On  16th February 2020, a group of our students came together and discussed how they could come up with measures to mitigate the spread of the disease and they agreed on developing an app called Covidbytes. Covidbytes is a cross-platform app tailored in the academy to provide users with knowledge on coronavirus and how to fight it. The app provides all prerequisite information on how to maintain required hygiene, self-tests, statistics, reporting of suspicion to closest health facilities and general public sensitization.

In Mpesa Foundation Academy, STEAM education incorporates innovative learning where students get the chance to learn app development. The team collaboratively problem- solved and prototyped the application using various platforms such as MIT app inventor and Thunkable. They started by designing the user interface and gathered the infectious disease information from trusted sources such as WHO and John Hopkins University.

The app lets users sign in and go through the COVID-19 general information and preventive measure in an intuitive way. Users can also do a quick self-check such as symptoms and previous contact history. The app also provides a way to report any suspicion to the nearest health and quarantine centers.

Finally, they tested the application over various platforms and devices including iOS, android and web platforms. They presented the app in the Science and Engineering Fair and really caught attention. We look forward to a Coronavirus free world.

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Stay safe!

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