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Manual and Small Beginnings A journey To Building An Exemplary Stores Section By: Peninah Mutethia Accounts and Stores Assistant.

By June 10, 2020No Comments

2016 was a profound year, and as I took up my new role as an Accounts and Store Assistant in the month of August, I still remember vividly the excitement and anticipation of what lay ahead. The buildings were few, and there was a lot of construction ongoing. I was glad to be part of the pioneers of this great Institution.

By then, there was minimal working space; all staff would sit in one room, the current Form 2 block. This embraced the spirit of togetherness and open-door policy among staff. In addition, students and staff interacted freely like one big family. This later became our culture at the Academy.

The store’s journey began in a small room in the Form 2 block. This was the main Academy store; however, some departments had their sub-stores managed by the various head of departments. As the Institution grew, there was an obvious need to increase storage capacity. This growth was very exciting for me as it meant that I would be able to have a chance to learn and execute my role optimally. As a result, the store temporarily moved to the workshop area before relocating to the current central receiving area next to the dining hall. This made my work more comfortable, as all Academy supplies are received and distributed from one central location.

The entire procure to pay process was manual and tracing supplies was a tiring process. ICT, being an enabler department facilitated the procurement and implementation of a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (SAGE X3) that automated the entire process. Currently, it is an easy task for any staff to be issued with supplies by just a click of the button at the comfort of their offices. As a section within the finance and procurement department, we endeavour to offer all the academy entities the best and timely services as we work towards developing transformational leaders.

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