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Overall role purpose:

To ensure the complete and effective organisation and administration of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP).

Child protection

The holder of this office must have due regard for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people by strictly adhering to the child protection procedures detailed in the Academy’s Child Safeguarding and Protection policy.


Key Responsibilities


Pedagogical Leadership

  • Ensure that teachers, legal guardians, and candidates understand the curriculum and   assessment requirements of the MYP and what subjects will be offered by the school.
  • Provide teachers with up-to-date information about changes to courses of study, assessment requirements and administration.
  • Develop and promote best educational approaches consistent with the school’s vision and the IB’s expectations 
  • Contribute to the Academy’s policy-making and strategic planning processes as may be required by the Director of Studies
  • Contribute to the School’s IB Programme brochure and all related policies and issuance of the same to all stakeholders.
  • Inform and advice the Director of Studies regarding all the aspects of the MYP including but not limited to external programme validations and recognitions
  • Participate in the development of effective approaches to teaching and learning across all the MYP classes.
  • As a member of the pedagogical leadership team, support and model sound and research-driven approaches to teaching and learning through coaching and mentoring the teaching community.
  • Participate in the development of effective monitoring and documentation of learning, teaching, and assessment in the MYP.
  • Assist with the recruitment process of faculty staff, where appropriate, and as may be required by the Director of Studies. 
  • Implement the MYP induction programme to staff and new MYP students in consultation with the DOS, the Head of Student Life, the Admissions Lead and relevant staff.
  • As a member of the pedagogical leadership team contribute towards the development of the IB Programmes in line with recommendations from the strategic plan.
  • Plan and coordinate assessment standardisation meetings across all the MYP Subject Groups.
  • Play a central role in the Academy’s IB evaluation processes.

Curriculum Planning and implementation

  • Facilitate the Heads of Departments to effectively plan and deliver high quality units in line with the MYP-specific programme standards and practices.
  • Identify areas of concern, liaising with the SMT and Heads of Departments where appropriate and contributing to curriculum review discussions in relevant meetings.
  • Liaise with faculty staff and Heads of Departments to support the development and implementation of innovative curricula in line with the Academy’s strategic plans.
  • Lead the designing and implementation of a coherent curriculum in IB and internal school mandated programmes where MYP cohorts participate
  • Contribute towards the development of the MYP in line with recommendations from the 5 Year review report.
  • Keep custody of the MYP curriculum development documents and monitor their quality using available tools and Learning Management Systems.
  • Advise the Director of Studies on timetabling to ensure that the minimum requirements for the MYP are met.
  • Prepare MYP specific calendar for the year and ensure that timelines are met for all activities including PP, & SA, internal and external (e-portfolio) (assessment completion and submission.
  • Prepare, disseminate, and administer the MYP external and internal examination and invigilation timetables to students and teachers
  • Support and advise MYP teaching staff regarding the implementation of the MYP curriculum i.e. access to the PRC through MyIB and access to the IB online Communities 
  • Ensure that academic resources and facilities are available for the MYP including past onscreen exams, mark schemes and model e-portfolios.
  • Liaise with the PP Coordinator in the administration, procedures, and the requirements in conduct of the PP among staff and students as stipulated in the most recent PP Guides and/or course outlines.
  • Liaise with the SA coordinator to establish the process of monitoring students in their SA activities to ensure that all students perform appropriate activities and satisfy the passing conditions for the MYP in matters pertaining to SA.

Supporting administration of IB-mandated assessments 

  • Ensure that all MYP year 5 students are registered for assessment in the personal project and additional e-Assessment subjects, as per the IBIS timelines.
  • Apply to the IBO for inclusion and access arrangements during IB onscreen assessments for students with additional needs as per the recommendations of a qualified educational psychologist.
  • Provide the MYP candidates with their Personal Code to enable them to access examination.
  • Submit/upload candidates’ assessment material for moderation /marking with any accompanying forms, according to the deadlines in the IB Handbook.
  • Ensuring that, internal deadlines for PP and SA, and all e-portfolio coursework and examination requirements are met before the stipulated IB deadlines.
  • Administer the MYP eAssessment examination schedule to students and inform the IBO by the appropriate deadline where any scheduling conflict may arise (including, when necessary, Enquiry upon Results and Retake exams).
  • Inform candidates regarding the examination procedures and services provided by the IBO.
  • Conduct the MYP onscreen examinations in compliance with the expectations of IBO and the Academy.
  • Ensure that candidates and invigilators are given relevant information regarding MYP onscreen regulations.
  • Distribute Transcripts to MYP candidates upon receipt from IBO.
  • Conduct end of semester, end year and Mock examinations as appropriate.
  • Ensure that all assessment reports specific to the MYP students have been proofread and edited.

Fostering ongoing stakeholder engagement in the Middle Years Programme

  • Actively foster the Academy values, vision mission and the IB vision and mission, to be able to promote their values among students, staff, parents, and the community.
  • Support the promotion of the MYP by attendance at key school events as directed by the Director of Studies.
  • Promote the MYP through internal and external marketing.
  • Work with members of the school community and IB using the latest published guidelines to lead the self-study and MYP external evaluation process.
  • Collect and disseminate all information relating to the MYP for marketing and development including newsletters etc.
  • In liaison with the Director of Studies, lead in the planning of Parent/Teacher/Student academic conferences and information sessions specific to the MYP.
  • Liaise with other Programme Coordinators, core programme coordinators and relevant Year Level Leads to ensure seamless and coherent vertical and horizontal articulation of programmes. 

Staff development 

  • Collaborating with the IT department to source for and implement relevant and impactful technology to support the MYP.
  • In liaison with the Director of Studies, organise regular IB staff & collaborative meetings
  • In consultation and liaison with DOS and respective Heads of Departments source for teacher professional development relevant to the MYP Curriculum.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Studies, to encourage and coordinate Professional Development requirements of MYP teachers, including the IB MYP workshops and participate in any local/regional association of IB World schools.

Monitoring learners’ admission, access to IB programmes and progression/ transitions

  • Administer and monitor the students’ IB MYP subject option choices as appropriate.
  • Maintain accurate records of student’s MYP subject choices.
  • Liaise with the Careers Coordinator to ensure that all MYP learners have adequate information and guidance about subject and academic programme choices.
  • Monitor individual MYP students’ academic progress – including regular dialogue with Home Room tutors, careers & guidance counsellors, HODs and subject teachers.
  • Liaise with relevant Year Level Leads, the Director of Studies and graduation committees to organise transition ceremonies for MYP students transiting to the DP pathways.

Budgeting and reporting 

  • In consultation and liaison with DOS, respective Heads of Departments and the Librarian, budget and source for relevant publications, textbooks, digital tools and resource materials and latest development and assessment procedures according to the needs of the MYP.
  • Consult with, HODs, DOS and IT department to identify, arrange for and purchase or subscribe for relevant Ed Tech tools to enhance learning in the MYP.
  • Ensure that teachers have access to resources and CPD
  • In collaboration with MYP core Coordinators and Heads of Departments, and in liaison with Academic Interventions Coordinator, organise an annual MYP performance review with the Director of Studies
  • Prepare MYP-specific Quarterly Reports for the DOS, executive Head of School, and the relevant Academic Boards.

Other Duties

  • Undertake other duties of an appropriate level and nature as and when requested by the Director of Studies.

The Director of studies may adjust the scope of duties and responsibilities at their discretion.

Academic qualification and experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education with specialisation in MYP
  • Master’s Degree in Education is an added advantage
  • Demonstrated ability to run a well-organised departmental meeting
  • Demonstrated interest in developing reflective practice and interdisciplinary learning
  • Passion for design thinking as a pedagogical practice
  • Ability to supervise and mentor faculty members 
  • Willingness to engage with faculty members across the IB programmes
  • Willingness to embrace collegiality and IB collaborative practices
  • Succinct understanding of the IB Philosophy
  • Ability to plan and keep timelines
  • Ability to acquire and use ICT and IB Technologies to improve pedagogy

Direct Reports

  • PP Coordinator  
  • SA Coordinator 
  • ATL skills Coordinator


  • Executive Head of School
  • Director of studies 
  • Programme Coordinators 
  • Academic Interventions Coordinator  
  • Pastoral Care Coordinator 
  • CP1/2 Year Level Leads
  • All faculty staff and students


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the incumbent(s) of this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and activities required of the position.


Application Procedure

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