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International Baccalaureate(IB) MATHEMATICS AT MFA Mr. Ndombi- Teacher of Mathematics.

By June 12, 2020No Comments

Mathematics has become a tool rather than just a subject in the curriculum. It is a tool that develops a learner’s skills in critical thinking, creativity and innovation, problem-solving, decision making, to mention a few. With the introduction of IB, the learner will automatically become a great thinker who will lead the world in developing solutions to challenges using mathematical modelling and techniques.

Why study mathematics at MFA?

The subject greatly helps learners with mathematical techniques such as organization and interpretation of information. Furthermore, this course will help the learner to apply the techniques to solve problems in the current world. The department boasts of a team of over ten very professional and experienced teachers of both genders who teach not only the subject but also model learners to become great scholars internationally.

Differentiation in learning, peer teaching, collaboration, demonstration, among others, ensures that all students’ needs are adequately met. Frequent use of ICT through quizzes and assignments on online platforms such as Kahoot, Quzziz, Zoom, Google Classroom, Nearpod, GeoGebra, and CK-12 and use of keynotes ensures that learners look forward to learning Mathematics.

Our outside class activities ensure that mathematics is fun and engaging, for example, mathematics quizzes, projects, KMO contests, and research work.

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