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The Uongozi team, through the Partnership and Communication manager, organised an immersion workshop for ten BTEC Hospitality Students at the Kempinski Hotel in Westlands. The students got a rare opportunity to shadow the catering and housekeeping team of the esteemed five-star hotel for an enriching learning opportunity. Watch the video below for more details.

Student Testimonials

Here is what our students had to say about the Kempinski Immersion workshop.

Getting the opportunity to visit Kempinski proved to be one of the best things to happen in my life as a hospitality student. It also helped me to cool off after the examination pressure. The first speaker, who was the general manager of the Villa Rosa Kempinski, Petra Baumann, inspired me the most. She talked about endurance, obedience, patience and perseverance as key aspects in the hospitality industry. Despite every situation the guest is always right we should learn to keep calm and react positively to their claims. We should also be open-minded and accept new challenges and face them courageously. She is initially from Germany but has travelled to many countries like Switzerland, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Thailand, Indonesia and China for different job roles in the hospitality industry before coming to Kempinski all as a result of being in the hospitality industry. The assistant food and beverage manager also talked of skills such as communication skills and adaptability. He also gave us his story on how he ventured into the industry and people doubted back in his village while saying “ameenda kujifunza kupika ugali” since they had the mindset that the hospitality industry is
mostly ventured by women and not men. He however broke the monotonous belief in his busia village moreover coming from a teaching background where his parents and two brothers were teachers. All of their stories gave me the zeal to continue pursuing my career as an event planner in the hospitality industry. Overall, the trip was advantageous for we got the chance to visit the presidential suite which the former American First Lady, Melanie Trump stayed in. A team from Les Roches and Glion also talked to us about the universities in Switzerland. As we all know hospitality begins at home, that particular moment when you serve your parents, siblings or just a guest who visits, that proves as administering a hospitality service. Many thanks to the department involved, the uongozi team represented by Miss Nicole not forgetting our teachers. The visit was truly amazing as well as beneficial and we’re looking forward to many other trips in the future to other hospitality organizations to help enhance our knowledge and skills required in the industry.

Ruth Nanjala

My experience in Villa Rosa Kempinski was a magnificent one. Having a chance to visit the place and get to learn a lot of things from the speakers and while exploring around the hotel made my passion for hospitality rise at a high rate . Hospitality is an exploration career where you get to learn while exploring various things.Villa Rosa Kempinski was named after a flower which amazed me alot. My best experience in Villa Rosa Kempinski was getting a chance to see and explore the presidential suite which is ranked as the biggest in East And Central Africa.
Being hosted by the Glion Les Roches campus was a great privilege to us .

Stella Mwende

I had one of the best experiences at Kempinski. Starting from the warm welcome and the
friendliness of the staff members. I got to learn a lot in relation to the service styles and the types of rooms offered at Kempinski which include the deluxe, deluxe with balcony, the business room and the presidential suite and so on. The inspiration and the motivation instilled in me by the GM of the hotel made me know what I can do better as a hospitality student. The talk with the Assistant Food and Beverage manager taught me a lesson of never giving up despite all the odds. I would however rate Kempinski at 9 out of 10 due to their service skills which were quite low. However, this was the best experience since it was my very first time at Kempinski and the talk by the hosts was dope.

Violah Olive

The trip to Villa Rosa Kempinski was very productive to me since I was able to learn new things
concerning Hospitality businesses and l also enjoyed the experience I had at the hotel. The staff
working inside the hotel were very friendly and always smiling to customers, hence making me
learn the skills required in Hospitality businesses. Some of the skills required include; Being
friendly, being flexible, teamwork, communication skills and being ready to learn new things
(adaptability) since hospitality businesses keep on adapting to new trends.

Rose anzazi

Visiting Kempinski was one of the privileges that I have ever had since I never knew if a time would come and get the chance to visit such a place. By visiting Kempinski, I was able to grasp some knowledge about the hospitality industry which gave me hope in my hospitality career . I learnt that working in the hospitality industry you should have knowledge,skills and have a good attitude. These are the things that will drive you while working. In Kempinski they were practicing self-service where each and everyone was serving for themselves and by that it
helped to satisfy the customers and for sure every customer was happy while taking their
meals(good meal experience). I learnt many things and I was motivated in doing hospitality as my career. I would rank Kempinski 9 /10 since their services are great. It was a nice experience to visit such a place. I would like to give a big thanks to the Mpesa Foundation Academy, Les Roches and Glion for the opportunity that they have offered so that we can learn. I look forward to have more experience that will give more insight about the Hospitality Industry since it’s a great path to follow

Ann Morara

Since I joined my highschool in Mpesa Foundation Academy the year 2019 , I didn’t think that one day I will be studying Hospitality as a course and even have interest in the Industry.
Moreover, I didn’t imagine that one day I would be in a big hotel where all kinds of people from
different cultures , religions , races , tribes and communities visit just for enjoyment and
business . The name Kempinski I heard for the first time in the hospitality class by Miss Ruth
and I really didn’t have any understanding of what it is and what happens in such a place but
here comes the blessings of the Lord through the Les Roches team and our school inviting us to
this particular hotel. Indeed I felt honored and amazed. I had the opportunity to explore the
whole Kempinski hotel with the help of the friendly staff ; Kennedy and Josephine who work in
the sales department. We visited the different types of rooms which included ; Presidential suite
, Superior room , Business room , Deluxe room , Executive room , Premier suite which consists of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom. The room that I enjoyed the most although the visit was the Presidential suite which was really sterning making me have a desire to be in such a place someday. Furthermore, I got to learn from the General manager miss Petra and food and beverage manager Mr. Silas Kongo and all the speakers of the day who talked about the skills that I need for me to be competitive in the Hospitality industry which included ; communication skills, Flexibility , open mindedness , Problem solving , Listening skills , Understanding , Team work , Honest , humility and Attitude which all the speakers emphasized on. In addition , from my observations, I can rate Kempinski at a rate of 9 out of 10 since they have a high standard of customer service skills just from the reception up to the dining where most of us enjoyed the moment especially due to the self -service. I am really looking forward to visiting more hospitality organizations so I can get more information and knowledge about the industry.

Gladys Chengo

Having an opportunity to visit Villa Rosa Kempinski is a privilege.This the best thing that can
ever happen to a hospitality student, An opportunity to listen to various speakers who have
more than 20 years of experience in hospitality industry,helped me to explore more on different
careers that are within the hospitality industry it has enabled me to know which career path i will
specialize in.I was inspired by the first speaker,General Manager of Villa Rosa Kempinski Petra
Baumann who talked about passion and attitude as a key factor in hospitality industry because
with passion you will do what you love and with attitude you will go anywhere in the world.She is
initially a citizen of Germany but she has traveled in different countries like
China,Thailand,Indonesia,Switzerland,UK,United States and she is currently in Kenya all
because of hospitality.This trip was helpful to us because we were also privilege to visit different rooms in the hotel including the Presidential suit where famous people have spent their nights like The first Lady of former president of United States Melanin Trump.We really enjoy our day at Kempinski and I also learnt that Hospitality comes from within it can't be taught.My special gratitude to Ambassadors of Glion and Les roches,The uongozi team, Miss Nicole,BTEC hospitality teachers and the MPESA foundation Academy at large for making this trip a success.

Fridah Nelima

I had never imagined that one day I will get a chance to visit Kempiski one of the biggest hotels
in east and central Africa.This was the best experience I’ve ever had so far in my life more so as
an hospitality student.The trip was amazing and I got to learn many new things about the
hospitality industry from the guests,and also the major skills that one need to have to be
successful in this industry.This skills include communication skills,endurance,perseverance
among others.The major thing I picked from the guests speakers is positive attitude.Positive
attitude is key since you will not only get motivated but also be adaptable which makes you
more open to learning new skills. With the right attitude and enough effort most new skills can
be mastered quickly.After guest talks we were taken to different rooms including the presidential
suite which is the biggest in East Africa.Kempinski is the best hotel from the way they talk to
customers,their meals and atmosphere.I gained a lot from the visit and looking forward for more
valuable trips like this.Big thanks to Glion les roches for believing in us and the school at large.

Duncan Sang

Hospitality is all about getting new experiences everyday, as a hospitality student I got a chance
to visit a luxury five star hotel & Resort, Villa Rosa Kempinski. After arriving at the hotel I was
charmed by the extraordinary staff who were very friendly. I got to acquire many things from the
speakers starting with the general manager (GM) all the way to the team from Les Roches
Glion. For one to be very successful in the hospitality industry they need to be flexible and adapt
to changes easily. Hospitality gives you a chance to visit different places just like GM who
worked in different countries like Indonesia, Thailand, China and now in Kenya. To be able to
wake up everyday and meet different people, give your best service and satisfaction one needs
to have knowledge about what they are doing, skills for the service provided which include
communication and team work skills and above all attitude which contributes to like 80%. One
can acquire knowledge and the skills but for the attitude you need to develop, the client or
customer is always right, that is the attitude one needs to develop. Whenever the customer is
speaking you listen and always be calm and smile. To have a tour around the best hotel in East
and Central Africa was very stunning. I can boldly say the trip was very adventurous, along with
the nice meals and the tour I also got to discover the career which I can take from the
speakers, Luxury Hospitality Management. I believe I need to have the passion and the focus
for me to be successful in this field. I feel I have made the right decision by choosing hospitality
and even if I was given another chance to go back I will still choose hospitality because it is the
way. Hospitality is not in the industry but also in our homes, whenever a guest arrives you have
to stand up, welcome them and offer them a drink or anything and this is hospitality. Overall the
day was not a waste and my special gratitude goes to the Les Roches Glion team and Uongozi
team for organizing such a beneficial trip, our teachers for accompanying us and above all the
school at large. Looking forward to such trips which give as an experience about the hospitality

Najma Makbul.

It was a privilege to learn outside the classroom as it is what every student wishes to experience
at the end of it all. The visit to villa Rosa Kempinski was beneficial since we were able to see
how the real industry of hospitality operates in a five star hotel.

Onesmus Kimathi


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