ICT means "Teaching and Learning with ICT".

Education globally is investing heavily in I.T. In Kenya this remains a priority initiative by the government. At M-PESA Foundation Academy, I.T is an integral part of the Academic and Administrative process through the LMS and SMS platform, as well as the Library Management System.

I.T is used daily in class where students are encouraged to research, create presentations and participate in online forums through Apple technology. Upmost care is taken to ensure that the use of student devices is not subject to abuse.

Technology is a key aspect of life at The Academy, building key skills across the community regardless of areas of interest. In leveraging technology to support teaching, learning, and operations, we invest in the following areas:

  • Blended Learning: Our model incorporates both direct teacher – student contact time and online learning opportunities. As a way of accommodating diverse learning styles and to ensure that no student is left behind, blended learning allows for collaboration, use of online tools to practice concepts, and access to curated and open academic content.
  • Resource Management: The Academy maintains a digital resource bank of recommended and approved learning materials and other relevant resources from around the world, which students and educators have access to.
  • Administration: The key functions of The Academy are managed through central technology applications. This includes finance administration, facilities management, catering management, student management, and residential life management among others.