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How to prevent Accidents at the Dinning Hall By Joshua Mutua

By June 12, 2020No Comments

Most dining room accidents are food-related, such as spilt tea, water, sauces and fruit slices on the floor. Health and safety should be a primary concern in the dining hall that should be taken seriously by both students and staff while dining.

Here are tips on how-to on how to make the dining hall accident-proof;

Step one:

Serve one thing at a time.

While serving breakfast, ensure after serving your tea, you take it directly to where you are sitting before serving the bread. This will avoid bumping to others while carrying the hot tea, which may cause severe burns to your hands or to the person you have bumped into. Always serve one thing at a time to allow smooth flow in the dining area.

Step Two:

Wipe out spills promptly. Food spills on the floor can cause slips, trips and falls. Liquid spills on the table can make a mess and trickle on the floor. Food messes can start a chain reaction of mishaps and accidents. Report any liquid spills, especially on the floor to kitchen staff for the floor to be wiped immediately to avoid slips.

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