Farewell Les Baillie

Goodbye Mr. Les Baillie by Elsie Kananu

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Success is not only measured by a million dollars you make, but by the many lives you impact. I can vividly recall you addressing us during a certain Monday assembly. You told us that one does not only need to excel in academics but in all other spheres of life as well. This speech still lingers in my mind to date because you motivated me to become an all rounded individual, active in class and co-curricular activities.

It all began when you asked to talk to me upon arrival in form one. Our interactions were so brief and impersonal as I was still naive and afraid of your title. When I finally gathered some courage, you asked me to introduce myself to a certain prominent journalist. That would be my mentor. That was our first lengthy interaction and it indeed built my confidence and esteem. Since then whenever we meet on the corridors of the academy, you ensured that we had a hearty and engaging conversation. You always had something, be it on your perspective of life, or just good old banter. These moments always left me looking forward to our next interaction. You listened keenly to people’s concerns, during the school ‘Barazas’ and  I did get lessons from your problem solving skills.

You are like a dad to us, a caring dad! You have changed our lives and I will always pray for you. As you leave the academy, may you inspire many others wherever you go. When I become a great person in future, I will confidently say ‘Mr. Les Baillie changed my life that is why I made it this far.’ There is nothing fulfilling than waking up every day, knowing many people are smiling because you chose to impact their lives intentionally, to make the world a better and safe place for all.  Sir Les Baillie, you greatly changed my life. I am optimistic, my future will be bright. Sir Les Baillie, you have impacted my life greatly. Once again, and on behalf of all students, I greatly appreciate you for your overwhelming support this far. May God bless you abundantly.

Best wishes!




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