Farewell Les Baillie

Farewell, Mr. Les Baillie By STANLEY KOIGI

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Before I joined the MPESA Foundation Academy, I used to hear the word CEO but I am not sure I knew the abbreviation in full. I preciously associated it with company bosses and sometimes confused it with CO. Anyway, long story short, I was obviously amazed when I met the CEO and not a school principal upon joining the academy in form one. A unique school this is, I thought.

In your welcome speech of 2017, I loved the way you expressed yourself. I inquired from my seniors just to know more about you owing  to my curiosity. One day I braced myself  enough and ended up with you at the same table during lunch. I enjoyed the meal. Unique unlike principals of other schools, I noticed that you are humble and kept a genuine smile during the chat. Looking back at our intriguing conversations, you have inspired me to become a leader like you one day, a CEO.
You may recall that I made it a routine to sit with for lunch every Wednesday and Friday. You listened and enjoyed having the conversations with me and I could always the depth of your love for us.

I also learnt a lot during the lunchtime talks. The fact that change is inevitable and one has to accept it because it is the only permanent thing in life. You changed my way of thinking. I remember when we were supposed to adopt sleep.com 

which advocated for sleeping 8 hours a night and I told you that we should be waking up at 3:00am like students in other schools, you responded “Stanley I think you are a stereotype, look at the positive side” Your style of governance was different and I loved it.

The Barazas were amazing. We looked forward to what you would say. Most of the things we enjoy today are a result of the Barazas, our lives at the Academy are better because of your valid decisions . I admire your enthusiasm for sports. I will definitely miss your support during the sports training and the competitions. Your presence gave us the motivation to compete smarter and win. You had this  famous analogy ~When the MFA shows up for a tournament, all the other schools fought for the second position ~

Everyone who did well over the weekend looked forward to a photo with you during the Monday assemblies. You are photogenic with an infectious smile, it was fulfilling to see our photos with you on the school’s platforms. You had really interesting speeches, I hanged on every word you said wishing you would speak the whole day.

You are kind-hearted. I asked to repair your bike and you trusted me. I enjoyed working on it but instead of returning it immediately after, I showcased it on the open day then. You saw Mr. Polycarp Igathe, the former deputy governor of Nairobi county take a ride on it and I was surprised you never questioned me. Thank you for supporting my business and those of other students.

To me, you are a quintessential CEO and you shall forever be my best CEO. You have impacted my life positively and I believe one day, I will become a unique CEO like you. You shall forever be in my biography because I draw a lot of inspiration from you.




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