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Farewell Les BaillieUongozi Centre

Farewell, Mr Les Baille By Bezzy Makena

By November 4, 2020December 24th, 2020No Comments

To Mr Les Baille,

Looking down memory lane, about 5 years back. On 23rd February 2016, I stepped into the MPESA Foundation Academy confused and worried about what lay ahead but as the day went by I felt assured of the beginning of a better tomorrow.

I never thought that I would have been able to participate in inclusive activities like I did while I was in high school. Mr Les, you took it upon yourself and the leadership team to oversee the implementation of exemplary programs. Through these programs, we were nurtured into better young leaders. We grew both mentally and socially hence always stood out in all the activities we endeavoured to do.

Words are not enough to show our gratitude for all that you did for us at an individual level and as the CLAIRE family at large. You took time to listen and comment rightfully, and also monitor our progress in all our activities and played a role of a mentor to so many of us.

Normally, after completion of high school education most Kenyan students would sit back at home waiting to join their respective higher education institutions, but you offered us a better opportunity to join the Uongozi Centre to get us equipped with more life skills to be able to stand a chance in the outside world.

Thank you for always taking time to share a word or two during mealtimes and even out during our fun activities. It was always fun to see you cheering your team mates during the many fun events at the Academy and that made you a better leader.

As we continue on our journey to equip ourselves with skills and knowledge in higher education institutions across the world, I would like to pass my heartfelt gratitude to you and on behalf of the whole pioneering class. It was a beautiful experience to learn from you for the 5 years.

As you move on to venture into different activities, may light and success flow on your path. That so many others may get to experience your care and leadership.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “To handle yourself, you need your head; to handle others you use your heart.”  You handled all of us as the CLAIRE family with a big heart and we will forever be indebted to you.

We will greatly miss you Mr Les.

By Bezzy Makena.


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