Farewell Les Baillie

Ciao! Les Baillie by Joshua Wafula

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“One of the greatest values of a mentor is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell

From the time, I joined MFA, you have been inordinate in leadership, mentorship and a dad to me and to all of us. And so:

Dear Daddy, 

As I am write this, thousands of thoughts run through my mind. I want to express my love for you that can prove hard to put into words. You have been our second dad here at the Academy, your pleasant nature has made each memory and learning experience fun.  I still recall the first day I stepped here, in a pre-eminent way we were welcomed. You made us feel important and worthy.

However, it has not been all roses, given that we are teenagers we have in one way or another , let you down. You however stood with us, and firmly encouraged us that we can always reform and do right. I know you are loving, caring , kind hearted and  thoughtful. This not only makes me proud but also makes me cherish all the gifts life has bestowed upon me. There are no words to quantify my immense love for you.

One thing that distinguishes your character, is humor. It has seen me through my many trials. Your way of dealing with issues is what people see in me as well. You are my tower of strength. I can never thank you enough for being an amazing role model. One of my best experiences with you was during the Mau Eburu tree planting activity. This letter comes to thank you Dad for everything you have done for us, that shaped our teenage hood days. I cannot say much of how I feel for you dad , but you know the love is real and lasting. You made the world a better place for me. I will keep these precious memories as cherished souvenirs.

Your Son,




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