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Book Review By Awour Victory Title Reviewed: Title reviewed For the most beautiful Author Emily Hauser

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Lover of a prince, Slave of a hero, DEFENDERS of Troy!

These three awe-inspiring sentences commence this captivating genre. Furthermore, they outline exquisitely the tangled fates of two Trojan women whose lives underwent drastic changes because of the war. The daughter of a priestess should never defy a god and an imprisoned princess should never fall in love with her ferocious captor. However, in turbulent times, Briseis(princess of Pedasus) and Krisayis (daughter of the high priest) defied all the odds.

On Mount Ida, overlooking the Trojan plain, the gods sat nonchalantly hatching a devious plan to start a war. Nevertheless, the decision lay in the hands of a mere mortal-The Trojan prince, Paris. Needless to say, the unwary prince unleashed a war; a contest for the most beautiful woman, Helen.


Paris’ uncanny ways soon led to Helen in the Trojan city as his own, an insult which the Greeks never overlooked. Sooner rather than later, they set voyage to unleash their wrath upon the Trojan cities with the invincible Achilles.


As the war raged on, much to the gods’ satisfaction,  Briseis and Krisayis are pawns in the battle fought by men: The dangerous Achilles and the lithe Prince Hector. Who will survive? Will the Trojans risk their wealth and solace for the safety of one woman?


Find out what destiny has in store for these three beauties by getting a copy of this thrilling genre. Available at the Resource Centre.


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