Farewell Les Baillie

Best wishes! Mr. Les Baillie By LINZY GALO

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Joining the state of the art, MPESA Foundation Academy, was a dream come true. Truly, dreams are valid.

My first experience with someone outside my race was when I reported to the academy in 2019.  I was pulling a trolley bag that I had just been given, something that I had only seen on T.V,  and my mother was by my side. It felt surreal especially when you came over to specifically talk to me, I was elated. Words cannot express the joy my mother had during the five minutes or less of our interaction. She jokingly said, “If you want to be talked to again by the CEO of such an institution then work hard and standout!”. I knew she meant every word she had just uttered.

How you addressed us during the assemblies on Mondays kept away the homesickness. We felt at home. Your fatherly nature, caring demeanor and passionate attitude assured us that you were there for us. I vividly remember the day I got the invitation for lunch at your office. I said to myself, the experience would knock my socks off.  I looked forward to discuss issues, problems and solutions with a great mind. I learnt the art of humility and problem solving from you. You had the school vision at heart and I would be glad to have you as mentor since you allowed everyone to express themselves freely.

Curiosity being a core value at the Academy led me to asking you about the plans you had for the school years to come.The response I got was a notch higher of  what I had expected. I vowed to emulate your humility that was unusually evident at dining hall when you would queue for meals just like everyone else. Which head of school does that? This was so humbling!

You  always showed us support during sporting competitions. Despite the bad weather conditions sometimes, you encouraged us to work hard and let opponents, compete for the second position. Without doubt , we will miss your presence dearly. The footprints you have left that will last forever.

Thank you so much for changing our lives and the society at large.

Best wishes!




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