Aim Higher

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Aim High is an enrichment group of Form 4 students, who have consistently scored high grades academically. During these unprecedented times of Covid 19 pandemic, the group is engaged in various projects dubbed the “enrichment program”.

The group carried out a science project entitled, “Science is everywhere” where the students were expected to send photos demonstrating science at work such as pulleys among others.These enrichment projects will continue till schools open.The duration of a project is between 1- 2 weeks. Other projects to be rolled out include Virtual tourism, go green among others.

One of our learners in the Aim High Program, Sospeter Kipruto in form 4 Kifaru, applied skills he learnt from his physics lessons, at the Academy to make a simple pulley. This concept is learnt in form 3 physics.
The materials used are homemade hence easily available and cheap. The simple home made pulley helps  to minimise accidents in the bore hope and makes work easier.


Project Objective: To encourage students to interact with science while at home and relate the theoretical concepts learnt in school with real life.
The Task: Students are asked to go outside and take pictures of people or the world around them that have made use of simple machines likes pulleys, levers, inclined planes, bones.

We hope to keep the students engaged in other forms of learning alongside academic. Together, we Aim High.


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