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Community Service

Community Service

The community engagement arm of the Academy is in line with our Responsible Citizenship value. As the school is a community in itself, and as a way of practicing gratitude for the opportunities afforded to the members of the Academy, every member of The Academy community is expected to be actively engaged in the community service programs.
This programme is planned in the following key ways:

Sharing Academic Resources– The Academy will share the knowledge that has been tried and tested at the school. The Academy is building a data bank of resources in the form of recorded lectures, learning materials, teaching tools that are accessible online.

Community Service Projects (External) – Each student is required to participate in a community service project, guided by faculty and staff members. The students and faculty members will work alongside members of the community to ensure that these projects meet the community’s needs.

Community Service (Internal) – Every aspect of the school has a community engagement arm. All the clubs that the students are involved in will be required to hold regular in-house community events.