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Why M-PESA Foundation Academy

Why M-PESA Foundation Academy

Why M-PESA Foundation Academy

We are the top leadership development institution globally.

The Academy attracts exceptional, motivated and talented students.

Always have the students’ needs at the core of our educational model, ensuring that none of the students under our care fall behind. They will find value in education, whatever their strengths, aspirations and interests.

We attract the best educators who are committed to continually improving the ways in which students are taught.

Students who graduate from The Academy are molded and mentored to be leaders in their fields of interest, such as business, academia, politics, sports or the arts. They will be the entrepreneurs and community leaders who will drive Kenya forward. Envisioned Future

The Academy adopts and develop innovative pedagogical approaches that will be shared with other high schools across Kenya.

We have partnered with leading institutions from around the world to open up paths to tertiary education and employment for our students.

We leverage technology to ensure that we provide access to quality education resources to students within and beyond the walls of The Academy.